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So easy, anyone can do it.

While dabbling in markerboard installation may not be for everyone, our goal at deko is to make mounting our markerboards so simple that any do-it-yourselfer can feel empowered to take on the task themselves.  To this end, all deko markerboards are shipped with our installation guidelines and the setting of your choice pre-set on your boards.

All you do is decide which setting is right for you.

Sayonara, Studs

deko Markerboard Adhesive Mount Illustration

At less than 1 lb. per square foot for non-magnetic markerboards, and less than 2 lb. per square foot for magnetic markerboards, deko products are remarkably lightweight and do not require wall anchors and studs for support.  Often our customers are simply looking for a secure, affordable setting.  No frames. No stand-offs.   No bank loans.

Direct-Adhesive Setting

This setting allows you to quickly and permanently attach deko markerboards to any vertical surface.  Each markerboard is shipped with an installation kit and instructions for setting, and high bond, double-sided tape prepositioned to its back.


To clip or not to clip?  That is the question.

Z-Clip Setting

The widely accepted (and often only) setting available for our glass board competitors is to use a z-clip setting.  Glass is heavy and fragile, and z-clips afford a safe alternative to screwing through, or tightening fasteners to glass.  Z-clipping also provides the option to remove the markerboard from the wall and reset it later.

For customers who are familiar with z-clips and enjoy the value they afford, deko offers this as one of our settings.

z-clips on back of deko markerboardz-clip detail









No matter which setting you choose — Direct-Adhesive or Z-Clip — you’ll be upgrading to a clean and sophisticated look with your new deko markerboard.