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deko marker board sapphire
Product Features

• Available in Magnetic or Non-Magnetic
• Lightweight
• Ghost Free
• Shatterproof
• Hygienic
• Compatible with Dry-Erase,
Wet-Erase, and Permanent Markers
• Non-Porous
• Available for Single, Multiple,
and Full Wall Markerboards
• Easy Installation

From education to corporate to healthcare and beyond.
deko provides ghost-free writing surfaces in magnetic and non-magnetic markerboards.
Whether you use dry erase, wet erase, or permanent markers, communication
has never been clearer.But the whiteboard enhancements
have only just begun.

lighter markerboard image
Take a load off.

At less than 1 lb per SF for non-magnetic, and less than 2 lbs for magnetic, deko markerboards have done what many thought was impossible… improve upon glass whiteboards. Without compromising beauty and performance, deko markerboards are engineered to be lightweight and shatterproof.

Let’s compare:

A standard 96” magnetic glassboard weighs 170 lbs
A standard 96” magnetic deko markerboard weighs 63.44 lbs

Feeling lighter?
dust-free markerboard image
Dust, in the wind.

Traditional dry erase boards are known for collecting unsightly marker dust along the grooves of their frame and stand-off wall mounts. At deko, we’ve taken this into consideration.

All of our markerboards are manufactured to your specifications with solid, smooth edges – eliminating the need for a protective whiteboard frame. And with deko’s lightweight materials, your dry erase board can simply be adhered to the wall – eliminating the need for stand-off mounts entirely!

Marker dust has nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.
customize your markerboard
Customize it.

Need a custom size or shape, or a graphic and logo embedded into the back of your markerboards? We are happy to work with our customers to provide personal touches. Just let us know what’s on your mind.
keep it simple image
Keep it Simple.

Whether you order single or multiple markerboards or a full wall system, with deko, installation is always simple. All deko markerboards are pre-set and shipped with the wall mount of your choosing – ready for installation.

Go ahead. Push the button.